Hey'll, welcome to Green-Beauty Co – an effective, sustainable, upcycled and circular beauty brand with fun and planet-loving products.  

We create effective, natural, vegan and cruelty-free bath and body care products using food industry's by-products and unwanted waste.

We believe - sustainability shouldn't be just a term evolve around packaging —it should be a thoughtful process from ingredients selection, production to distribution. That's why, we’re here to boost healthy and sustainable beauty glow on your skin and our planet. In addition, adding two cents of knowledge of our Indian/ayurvedic ingredients in our formulas makes our products totally unique. 

Our mission is to create a real change in the beauty industry by making food-waste integrated fun loving products using sustainable production methods to keep your skin—and our planet—healthy.



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Skin Positive, Pro-Planet Beauty

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Meet Ruchita - Founder of Green-Beauty Co